How to know if woman is interesting in threesome?

You are threesome lover and there are many women that you already enjoyed a threesome sex. But how you will know that a woman is interested in threesome dating, suppose a random woman in a party attracts you and you are planning to have a threesome with her, than how you will approach her and ask her for threesome? There are many questions that stand strong when you saw a random woman in a party and thinking to have a threesome with her.

I know, that needs a lot of confidence and will power to ask any unknown woman for tinder threesome. There is always a fear of getting embarrassed in public if you pick a wrong woman to ask for threesome. But how would you know that she is interested in threesome or not? Due to the fear of getting embarrassed in public, most guys won’t show any interest in approaching to her and ask for threesome and few might drop the idea of threesome with any unknown woman. But there are few tips that will surely help you to get a chance for threesome app with any unknown woman you saw or meet especially in a party. There are trick that you need to follow and if you are following these tips and trick, it’s quite sure that if you are not that lucky to get a chance for threesome with her, you won’t even find yourself in a embarrassing situation as well.

So, here are the best tips and trick for approach and ask for a threesome to an unknown or random woman you saw in public party. Follow these tips.

If you saw a woman in a party and want to have a threesome with her, it’s better not to approach her directly and ask for threesome. If you are doing this, you will get nothing but just a big ‘NO’ or might also a slap in your face. So avoid anything that will embarrass you in front of other. Start with eye contact and wait for her reaction. It will take some time but she will respond you in the same manner. Once you get a desired response from her, approach her with a drink to her. This is one of the best things that you can do to impress her right on your first meet. Introduce yourself and ask about her. Ask her weather she is alone or someone else and keep talking with her and try to impress her with your pickup lines or smart jokes. Jokes will help you to turn to discussion in direction of sex and favorite sex moments. Make sure to notice her movements and try to find out that if she is taking interest in this or not. If yes, tell her that your favorite sex style is threesome and you love to share a bed with two women at a time. Wait for her reaction, if she is interested in threesome, she will stay with you and share her favorite time too. This is the time when you will ask her for threesome and if she say yes for that, go and enjoy your moment with her and your third partner.


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