Ways to Know Fake or Fraud Users on a Swinger App


When you are using a swingers app for threesome hookups, you will need to get to know as many users as you can and try to make friends with them at the beginning. But we have to admit the fact that there are a large number of fake users and fraudsters with ulterior motives on various swingers dating apps. On the one hand, you need to find the right partner as soon as possible to avoid wasting too much time. On the other hand, you have to make sure that you are not fooled by fake users and scammers, causing unnecessary losses. Therefore, you have every reason to learn how to get to know an unfamiliar user as well as possible, to identify whether it is a fake user or a fraud.

If you find a user using a very clean, high-resolution photo as the avatar, then you should pay attention to that user because it’s probably a fake user. These users do this to attract more attention, but they are not interested in threesome hookups. They want to meet more people in this way to pass their boring time. After you’ve talked to them for a long time, when you think it’s time to meet them and send out your invitation, you’ll find that you can’t get in touch with them anymore. It’s hard to have a real 3some hookup with them because they don’t plan on meeting you at all.

Also, fake users don’t spend a lot of time on their profiles, so you can find out a little bit about it, too. On many swingers dating apps, you are allowed to view other users’ profiles without restriction. So, when you see a user who seems to be doing well, you can check the profile to see if it’s a real user or a fake user. Real users usually try their best to improve their information on the premise of a serious and responsible attitude. Fake users, on the other hand, consider it unnecessary and a waste of time, so they would rather leave their profiles blank than take the time to do it. Therefore, we advise you not to contact users who do not provide any personal information.

Although it is not common to see on swinger apps specifically for threesome lovers, there are also professional scammers from several African countries. They are always trying to steal other users’ personal privacy and use it for all kinds of illegal activities. If you find users from these countries, don’t hesitate to add them to your blacklist, or they will keep texting you. These professional scammers are anathema to the development teams behind all apps, so you can also report them by sending an email to the support team.


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