Dating Tips for Couples Looking for a Third Way Love


Are you dating a girl who is bi-sexual, than surely there are more chances that soon you will have a threesome experience. Having a bi –sexual girl friend or wife leads that you are already blessed for threesome. However, it’s still not an easy and you have to continuously giving hints about your threesome fantasias yourself and make it sure that you only there is excitement about threesome, you won’t force anyone especially your wife or girl friend to have a threesome.

Share your fantasias and desires about threesome and ask your wife or girl friend too. Once you both are open with each other and each one already shred their best fantasias experience with you. It’s your turn or duty that if there’s anything that you can do to fulfill your partner’s fantasias, you have to do that. It’s like paying something to get the best. For threesome both you and your wife or girl friend must believes in freedom and have kinky thought that will always spice you and give goose bumps to try new things or gain new experience in life. Couples facing trust issues are not the idle couples for threesome. Threesome is only to fulfill your personal desires and fantasias and not to impress anyone. Like if you want to impress your partner with threesome, it didn’t work and you really did not enjoy your threesome completely.

More important, you must know about your guest female friend who is going to join you in threesome. Make sure that you all three will feel comfortable with each other and no one really has any ego problem or any personal issue with anyone. For a successive threesome dating, there are many things you have to take care. Make it clear to your girl friend or wife too that the female guest that joins you for threesome is not a sex worker and you don’t treat her like a piece of meat.

While having threesome, each participant is equally important and if you think that you will get more preference than the other two, this is not the way threesome works. First and the most mandatory rule of threesome is, no one leaves the room until you all three are satisfied or done with threesome even though any of you is getting bored and didn’t enjoy threesome. Suppose you are the one who is not enjoying threesome dating, it doesn’t mean that you should leave or sitting in corner and getting bored. Threesome means all three must take part equally and enjoying their fantasias. One of the most easy and effective way to get involve between two is sharing conversation and start touching each other. It’s the best thing that you need to do while getting bored or want to leave from room.

Hence, threesome is an amazing relationship that equally enjoys everyone who is taking part in three way love. While having threesome, you must be sure that all three guys are having fun with others.


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