What You Cannot Do on 3rder App


3rder is well-known for several customized dating features and a safe threesome app among threesome lovers, which helps itself gain a remarkable reputation after offering great services for several years. If you haven’t had a try to 3rder yet, we suggest you to download it today and you will find why it is so popular with couples and singles easily. When you are enjoying the convenience offered by 3rder, you should be aware of that there is something you cannot do on this app, because of some strict rules settled for users. So, to have a nice experience of arranging a swingers hookup on this app, you need to know what you cannot do in advance.

In order to make sure everyone has the equal right to new others, 3rder doesn’t allow its members to leave contact information, such as phone number, email address, and other social networks names. Your contact information will be deleted immediately once found by support team members and you will receive a mail telling you not to do this again. If you are found doing the same thing for the second time, you will take a risk of having your account suspended and you will lose a lot of chances to meet more matches in the following few days. Anyway, you don’t have to do this since you have a lot of ways to achieve your goal with so many useful features on 3rder swinger app.

If you want to draw catch more users’ eyes, you can upload some beautiful or sexy photos to your public album and this has been proven to be an easy and effective way by many people. However, you can never upload any porn or nude photos because these kinds of pictures are forbidden on 3rder app. This app only provided you with a dating platform on which swinger couples and kinky people can meet each other without any limitation, so this app itself has nothing to do with sex or something like this. By the way, it is unwise for you to do this since you will find you are totally wrong to draw attention in this way in the end.

Although we all know it is a fact that 3rder has the fewest fake users, compared with other apps of the same kind, it doesn’t mean you will never meet one. Therefore, when you are contacting other users on this app, you still have to be vigilant as you know it is also a fact that making friends online is easy to fall into the trap of scammers. If you are asked for some private information, you cannot trust them and you’d better report it to the support team of 3rder. Just remember that, never get fooled by others on this app and then you can have a good time to realize your dream of a threesome life.


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